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APA: Articles


Articles - 6th edition

JOURNAL ARTICLES – double space reference

BASIC FORMAT: Author(s) surname, initial. (Year). The title of the article. Journal Title, Volume number(issue number), page numbers.

Journal article:
Retrieved online with digital object identifier (DOI)

(p. 198 #1)

Walsh, Z., & Kosson, D. S. (2007). Psychopathy and violent crime: A prospective study of the influence

of socioeconomic status and ethnicity. Law and Human Behavior, 31(2), 209-229.


​Citation in text: (Walsh & Kosson, 2007, p. 227)

Journal article:
Retrieved online with DOI:
Three to five authors

(p. 198 # 1 & p. 177 table 6.1)

Rush, K., Adamack, M., Gordon, J., Lilly, M., & Janke, R. (2013). Best practices of formal new graduate

nurse  transition programs: An integrative review. International Journal of Nursing Studies50(3),

345-356. /10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2012.06.009

In text:
First citation: (Rush, Adamack, Gordon, Lilly, & Janke, 2013, pp. 346-347)
Subsequent citation to a different passage from the same source: (Rush et al., 2013, p. 354)

Journal article:
Retrieved online with DOI:
Six or seven authors

(p. 198 #1)

Robinson, C., Pesut, B., Bottorff, J. L., Mowry, A., Broughton, S., & Fyles, G. (2009).

Rural palliative care: A comprehensive review. Journal of Palliative Medicine,

12(3), 253-258.doi:10.1089/jpm.2008.0228

First and subsequent citations in text: (Robinson et al., 2009, p. 255)

Journal article:
Retrieved online with no DOI:
Eight or more authors:
Advance online publication

(p. 198 #2 & p. 199 #5)

Bottorff, J. L., Carey, J., Mowatt, R., Varcoe, C., Johnson, J. L., Hutchinson, P., . . .

Wardman, D. (2009). Bingo halls and smoking: Perspectives of First Nations

women. Health & Place. Advance online publication. Retrieved from

First and subsequent citations in text: (Bottorff et al., 2009, para. 2)

NOTE: When authors number eight or more, include the first six authors’ names in the reference, then insert three spaced dots (an ellipsis - p. 172), and add the last author’s name (p. 184).

Journal article:
Retrieved online with no DOI:
Give URL of the journal home
page (even if retrieved from a database)

(p. 199 #3)

OR link to full-text article if not password-protected.

Mathieson, C. M., Bailey, N., & Gurevich, M. (2002). Health care services for lesbian

and bisexual women: Some Canadian data. Health Care for Women

International, 23(2), 185-196. Retrieved from


In text:
First citation: (Mathieson, Bailey, & Gurevich, 2002, p. 190)
Subsequent citation to a different passage from the same source: (Mathieson et al., 2002, p. 200)

HINT: Google the journal title to locate URL.
In this case the journal title is "Health Care for Women International"

Journal article:
Retrieved online with no DOI:
Posted to preprint archive:
No pagination

(p. 200 #6)

Gabora, L. (2007). Self-other organization: Why early life did not evolve through

natural selection. Journal of Theoretical Biology. Retrieved from


Citation in text: (Gabora, 2007, para. 5)

NOTE: The exact URL is used because the article is “informally published” (p. 200).

Journal article:
Print version with no DOI:
Discussed in a secondary source

(p. 199 #3)

Kolb, B., & Cioe, J. (1998). Absence of recovery or dendritic reorganization after neonatal

posterior parietal lesions. Psychobiology, 26(2), 134-142.

Citation in text: Diamattia and Kesner’s study (as cited in Kolb & Cioe, 1998, p. 140)


  • In this example, Kolb & Cioe is the secondary source, which you have read
  • Diamattia and Kesner do NOT appear in the reference list
  • Use secondary sources sparingly, for instance, when the original work is out of print, unavailable through usual sources, or not available in English.
Online magazine article:
Use exact date

(p. 200 #8)

Wells, P. (2009, July 28). Our universities can be smarter. Maclean’s. Retrieved


Citation in text: (Wells, 2009, para. 15 )

Online newspaper article:
Give URL (even if retrieved
from a database);
Use exact date

(p. 200 #11)

Cernetig, M. (2009, August 11). Opinion: Crafty Campbell knew the dangers of HST. The Vancouver

Sun. Retrieved from

Citation in text: (Cernetig, 2009, para. 5)

NOTE: “Give the URL of the home page when the online version of the article is available by search to avoid non-working URLs” (p. 201).
URL to full-text article is also ok if not password protected.


Magazine article:
Print version.
Use exact date

MacQueen, K. (2009, September 21). Who stole Reid’s Haida art pieces? Maclean’s 122(36), 22.

Citation in text: (MacQueen, 2009, p. 22)

Newspaper article:
Print version. No author.
Use exact date.

(p.200 #9; p.176 #6.15)

Hitchhiking robot’s U.S. trek meets grisly end. (2015, August 3). The Globe and Mail, p. A2.

Citation in text: (“Hitchhiking,” 2015, p. A2)