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APA: Legal Citation


JIBC Library Legal Citation Guide - 6th edition

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Legal Citation

Legal Citation:

  • In text includes specific section and subsection or page/paragraph number
  • Double space references

Revised Statutes of Canada:
Official version retrieved from

Criminal Code, RSC (1985) c C-46

Citation in text: (Criminal Code, 1985, s 318(1)(a))

NOTE: When official version is in e-format, you do NOT need to indicate the electronic source

Charter of Rights and Freedoms
(print or official online version; no
retrieval statement required)

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, s 7, Part I of the Constitution Act, 1982,

being Schedule B to the Canada Act 1982 (UK), 1982, c11

Citation in text: (Canadian Charter, 1982, s 6(2)(b))

Revised Statutes of British
Retrieved from a
database (e.g. QuickScribe)

Treaty Commission Act, RSBC 1996, c 461, (QS)

Citation in text: (Treaty Commission Act, 1996, s 5(1))

Statutes of British Columbia:
Unofficial version retrieved from
website, include retrieval statement

Parental Liability Act, SBC 2001, c 45. Retrieved from

Citation in text: (Parental Liability Act, 2001, s 7(3)(b))

Regulations of British Columbia
(print version)

​Child Care Licensing Regulation, BC Reg 332/2007

Citation in text: (Child Care Reg, 2007, s 3(24)(2))

Case Law: Neutral citation
(identifies case only, not where
located or retrieved)
Year=2005 –(no parentheses)
B.C. Supreme Court
836=Number assigned by Court

R v Pickton, 2005 BCSC 836

Citation in text: (R v Pickton, 2005, para. 10)

Case Law: Print Source
239=Volume Number
Canadian Criminal Cases, 3rd series
233 = starting page
B.C. Court of Appeal

R v Ellard (2008), 239 CCC (3d) 233 (BCCA)

Citation in text: (R v Ellard, 2008, p. 239)

Case Law: Retrieved from the
Canadian Legal Information Institute
CanLII (
R v Glowatski, 1999 CanLII 5608 (BCSC)
Citation in text: (R v Glowatski, 1999, para. 17)
Case Law:
Retrieved from a database
(e.g. Quicklaw)

R v Ellard (2008), BCJ no 1689 (QL) (BCCA)

Citation in text: (R v Ellard, 2008, para. 8)