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Ares Course Reserves: Adding Items to Ares

A Guide to Ares - JIBC's electronic course reserve system

Item Active Dates

Ares Course Reserves controls the availability of your course items by preset activation and deactivation dates tied to each course offered at JIBC.

On the course start date, materials in Course Reserves become available to students.

Items and classes in Course Reserves are deactivated at the end of the course. If you need extended start or end dates to your course materials in Ares, please contact the Library.

Item Statuses

Instructors can check the status of a request by logging into Ares, clicking on their course, and viewing the far-right column under "Status".  

Students can only view items once they become “Available”.

Here is a list of some typical statuses you might see:

"Awaiting Reserves Processing" - Request has been submitted and is pending review by Library staff.

Item Available on Electronic Reserves” - Item has been posted and is accessible. If link to item is not working, please contact as soon as possible.

Item Available at JIBC Library” - Item has been submitted, processed, and is available at the JIBC Library on Print Reserve.

Item Activation Pending” - Item has been submitted, processed, and will be available on the class start date. If your students need access prior to the course start date, please contact the Library.

Awaiting Supply by Instructor” - Item has been submitted and is pending receipt by the JIBC Library.  This refers to requests that either 1) still need to be scanned and uploaded by the instructor, or 2) the physical item needs to be received by the Library from the instructor, so that it can be made available on Print Reserve for viewing by students.

Item Cancelled by Staff” - A requested reserve item may be cancelled by Library staff.  Reasons may include non-compliance with Copyright Guidelines.

How Items are Supplied to Students

Faculty & staff can request reserve items be made available to their students in two formats:

  1. Hardcopy Format to be made available at the Library.
  2. Digital or Electronic Format to be uploaded and made available to the student via Ares Course Reserves in Blackboard.

Add Items to Your Course

On the Instructor Class Tools menu, click Add Reserve Items:

  1. Select the Type of Item to put on reserve
    (Article, Book Chapter, Book, Free-Text, Audio, Video or Other Formats) 

  2. Complete the online form, ensuring that all mandatory fields (marked by an asterisk) are entered. 
    • For author's name, please enter: last name, first name
  3. Indicate how the item will get onto Reserve (options vary, depending on item type).
    • I will upload a file
    • I will bring items to the Library
    • Item should link to a website
    • Please consider item for purchase and then make available via Print Reserves
  4. If you select "I will upload a file" you will need to click "Submit" before you can upload.
    • Once you clicked submit, you will be prompted to browse for the location of the file to be uploaded.
  5. Instructors may limit item availability by date range, if desired.
    (default availability is the course start and end dates) 
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Submitted items are reviewed for copyright compliance before becoming available in the Student View.

Electronic reserve requests (uploaded files) submitted by faculty/staff will generally be processed within 1 to 2 working days.  For requests that exceed the Fair Dealing guidelines, contact  Posting of materials may be delayed 2-4 weeks for processing of requests that require permission.

Links will be processed and posted immediately. 

Import Items from Another Class

If you used the Ares Course Reserves system for a previous iteration of an upcoming course, you are able to "clone" (copy) your previous course reserve items into the new course.

You can clone any or all online items placed on Reserve into your new class. Any books or other physical items placed on Reserve at the Library will also be listed in the new class, but you will need to bring the physical materials back to the Library (the Library should have already returned your materials at the end of the previous class).

Login to Ares Course Reserves via Blackboard

1. On the Instructor Menu, click Add Reserve Items
2. Click on the course that you want to import items into
3. Select the course that contains the item(s) you want to copy over (under Current and Previous Courses)
4. Select the item(s) that you wish to copy
5. Click Import items

Track Item Usage

  1. From the My Courses page, select the course you want to track for Reserve Usage.
  2. Click the Reserve Item Usage action on the Instructor Class Tools or Proxy Class Tools menu.
  3. A Reserve Items grid below the Class Details lists each Reserve item along with Title, Author and Usage.
  4. The Usage column tracks the number of times a Reserve Item has been viewed. 

Tagging Items

Adding Instructor Tags to your items in Ares allows you to customize your own sorting method.  Items may have multiple tags.

To enter tags, they must be applied to individual items—this cannot be done in bulk.  Separate multiple tags by commas.  Example: Week 4, Leadership Skills.

Sorting Items

By default, Ares lists your Reserve items alphabetically by title. (Items default back to alphabetical-by-title listing upon leaving Ares.)

To sort by author, click the column heading “Author”.

Clicking a column heading will sort by that column alphabetically.