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APA 6th Edition - OLD: Web Resources


Web Resources - 6th edition

Web Resources:

  • For guidelines on what date to use, see the What Date Do I Use? tab in this APA Subject Guide
  • Do not include Retrieved from date unless the document may change over time
  • Double space references


Mulhauser, G. (2014). An introduction to cognitive therapy & cognitive behavioural approaches.

Retrieved from /cognitive-therapy/

Citation in text: (Mulhauser, 2014, para. 6)

To italicize title or not:  If it is a standalone page, then italicize; otherwise, use regular font.  If unsure, use 
your judgement.

Webpage: No Author

Air India trial jury abruptly dismissed. (2010, March 8). Retrieved from


Citation in text: ("Air India trial," 2010, para. 4)

Only use exact date for news items or frequently published sources.  Otherwise, use year only.

Title in regular font as article is part of a larger webpage.

Web report: Corporate
author same as publisher

(p. 205 #31)
(p. 176 sec. 6.13 & p. 177
Table 6.1 Groups as Authors & whether to abbreviate)

United Nations Development Program. (2009). Human development report.

Retrieved from

First citation in text: (United Nations Development Program [UNDP], 2009, p. 72)
Subsequent in text: (UNDP, 2009, p. 35)

Web report: Author
different from the publisher

(p. 205 sec. 7.03)
Identify publisher as part of retrieval statement
(p. 206 #33)

Shields, M., & Wilkins, K. (2006). Findings from the 2005 national survey of the work and health of nurses 

(Report No. 83-003-XPE). Retrieved from Canadian Institute for Health Information website: /NHSRep06_ENG.pdf

Citation in text: (Shields & Wilkins, 2006, p. 17)

Direct reference to a website

When citing an entire website (but not a specific document on that site), no entry is required on the Reference List.

Citation in text: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website ( provides the latest news from around the world.

Online codes & standards
(p. 176 sec. 6.13 & p. 177 Table 6.1
Groups as Authors & whether
to abbreviate)

National Fire Protection Association. (2014). NFPA 1021: Standard for fire officer

professional qualifications. Retrieved from

First citation in text: (National Fire Protection Association [NFPA], 2014, section 7.2)
Subsequent in text: (NFPA, 2014, section 5.3)

Wiki entry: No author. 
No date = n.d.
(Guide, p. 19 #24)

Auscultation. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved September 6, 2013, from

Citation in text: (“Auscultation,” n.d.)

NOTE: Include Retrieved from date as material will CHANGE over time

Online forum posting
(p.215 #74)

Sailor, S. (2015, July 20). Re: How much wind or sea state is too much? [Online forum comment].

Retrieved from showthread.php?p=1212924#post1212924

Blog posting
(p. 215 #76)

Kiume, S. (2007, August 17). Loneliness isn’t good [Web log post]. Retrieved from

Citation in text: (Kiume, 2007)