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APA-OLD 6th edition: Media

Media - 6th edition

Media - Double space references

Timestamp in-text:  DVDs, streaming media, podcasts, radio interviews, etc:  provide timestamp for direct quotes.  If reasonable, also include timestamp for paraphrases.  Use start time, or range of time.

For example:  0:30=at 30 seconds; 2:24=at 2 mins 24 seconds; 1:02:24=at 1 hr 2 mins, 24 secs


(Guide, p. 29-30, #60-63)

Diabetes. (2011). In Epocrates Essentials for iPhone (Version 3.14) [Mobile application software].

Retrieved from

Citation in text: (“Diabetes,” 2011, section title)

NOTE: Use section # or heading title for in-text citation

DVD / Video
(p.209, sec 7.07)

Gandy, D. (Producer). (2003). Cardiac emergencies [DVD]. Carrollton, TX: FETN.

Citation in text: (Gandy, 2003, 0:30)


Pinker, S. [Steven]. (n.d.). Timeline [Facebook page]. Retrieved March 19, 2012,


American Red Cross. (2009, November 2). Red Cross workers in American Samoa:  2

      stories [Facebook note].  Retrieved from


Citation in Text: (Pinker, n.d.); (American Red Cross, 2009)

Movie (including

(p. 209 section 7.07)

Browne, C., McUsic, M. (Producers), & Schroeder, J. A. (Director). (2013). Dear Mr. Watterson:

An exploration of Calvin & Hobbes [Motion picture]. Los Angeles, CA: Fingerprint Films.

Citation in text: (Browne, McUsic, & Schroeder, 2013, 1:02:24-1:04:48)



Include Netflix retrieval
statement for an ORIGINAL
Netflix production

Fincher, D., Spacey, K., Roth, E., Donen, J., Brunetti, D., Davies, A. (Producers), . . . Willimon, B. (Creator).

(2013–present). House of cards [Television series]. Retrieved from

Citation in text: (Fincher et al., 2013-present, Season 1, Episode 3, 45:20)


  • Only include Retrieved on IF it is an original Netflix production
  • This example shows how to cite more than 7 authors (or producers/creators)
  • For single episode, see below: “Television series-single episode”
Painting or photograph
retrieved from the internet

(Guide p. 27 #51 & #52)

​Colville, A. (1987). Woman with revolver [Painting]. Retrieved from

Citation in text: (Colville, 1987)

NOTE: Use [Photograph] if you are referring to a photograph instead of a painting.

Podcast: Retrieved from the Internet
(p. 210 #50)

Green, C. D. (Producer). (2006, October 9-15). Thomas Blass on Stanley Milgram's shocking studies of

obedience [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Citation in text: (Green, 2006, 1:56)

Radio Broadcast
(p.209, sec 7.07)

Camper, R. V. (2007, July 14). [Radio broadcast]. Vancouver, Canada: CBC.

Citation in text: (Camper, 2007, 2:27)

Publisher location also ok as:  Vancouver, BC:

Streaming video
(e.g. YouTube)
(Guide, p. 26)

NewsBeFunny. (2012, April 10). Sweet Brown – original report [Video file]. Retrieved from

Citation in text: (NewsBeFunny, 2012, 0:56)

NOTE: “If the person who posted the video’s real name is available provide it in the format Author, A. A. followed by the username inside square brackets. When only the username is available give it without the brackets” (Guide, p. 26).

TED Talks

Newton, A. (2010, June 10). Newton Aduaka: The story of Ezra [Video file]. Retrieved from

Citation in text: (Newton, 2010, 2:25)

Television series – single episode
(p. 210 #51)

MacIntyre, L. (Reporter). (2006). Money, truth and spin [Television series episode]. In H.

Cashore (Producer), The fifth estate. Toronto, Canada: CBC.

Citation in text: (MacIntyre, 2006, 24:20)

NOTE: If no episode title, include, for example, Season 1, Episode 3

Publisher location also ok as:  Toronto, ON:


Obama, B. [BarackObama].  (2009, July 15).  Launched American Graduation Initiative to help

additional 5 mill. americans graduate college by 2020: [Tweet]. 

Retrieved from

Citation in Text: (Obama, 2009)

NOTE: Provide user's real name if known, followed by screen name in brackets.
If only screen name is known, provide it without brackets.