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Open Education Resources (OER): Websites


"When photos have a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license (, users are allowed to copy, modify, and distribute them, even for commercial purposes, without permission. CC0 photos are available on Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, and other free photo sites." Marcotte, A. (2019). Tech trends. American Libraries, 50(3/4), pp. 34-37. Retrieved March 28, 2019,

Before copying, modifying or distributing photos, check the license to verify what you can do with the photo.

Because anyone can publish anything on the internet, it is very important to determine that the information you have found on a website comes from a reliable and authoritative sourceSo, how do you evaluate a website?

Ask yourself these questions when you are evaluating a website. Your answers will help you decide if the site appears to be a reliable source of information. In addition, we have provided a number of links to excellent guides for website evaluation. 

  • Is the author/producer easy to identify?
  • Are the author’s credentials listed?
  • Is the author’s affiliation easy to determine (e.g. university, government)
  • Are there errors or discrepancies on the site?  
  • Is the content appropriate for your needs?
  • Is there sufficient coverage of the topic?
  Currency   Objectivity
  • Can you find the date that the site was created?
  • Was the site updated recently?
  • Do the links on the site work?
  • Is the information factual or opinion?
  • Is the site trying to sell something that seems too good to be true?  
  • Is the information consistent with other sources you’ve found?
  • Is the source of the information provided?