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Equipment: Borrowers Responsibilities

Learn about all the equipment that the JIBC Library has to offer


The Equipment Collection at the JIBC Library is available to all students enrolled in academic programs, instructors, and staff.
In this guide, you can find more information about borrowing privileges, borrower responsibilities and other details about the equipment.

Borrower Responsibilities

Borrowers must agree and sign a Laptop/iPad Agreement for Use document before they can use JIBC laptops and iPads.

Borrowing and using Library equipment

Equipment that is borrowed from the JIBC Library must be treated with special care:

  • Check equipment before leaving the Library to ensure that it is working and that everything is accounted for.
  • Equipment is used at your own risk, and the Library will not be responsible for any damages to the borrower, the borrower’s work, materials, and property that might occur from using equipment.
  • Handle equipment gently to minimize wear and tear.
  • If the equipment is not working properly, please notify the Library immediately.

When returning equipment:

  • Borrowers must return equipment by the due-date.
  • Ensure that all pieces are included, working properly, and powered off when returned.

Fines and fees:

If borrowers return equipment late, or if borrowers lose, steal or damage equipment, borrowers may be required to pay the Library fees or fines.

Borrowers that return equipment late will be fined $10 per day that the equipment is overdue.

Borrowers will need to pay a replacement fee for the equipment if it is damaged or lost, plus a $40.00 processing fee.

Associated Documents

Need to Book Equipment?

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