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Indigenous Resources: Indigenization of the Curriculum

Locate books, DVDs, articles and other electronic information related to indigenous studies

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  Office of Indigenization

Indigeneity in Education

Some ways to Indigenize and decolonize curriculum:

  • acknowledge traditional territories of First Peoples using a variety of mediums (in lectures, course outlines and web-based course architecture, e.g. Blackboard)
  • works with Elders and Knowledge Keepers to infuse cultures into curriculum
  • understand Indigenous worldviews, the distinction and diversity of Indigenous People by language, cultures and regions
  • include Indigenous perspectives and learn about and use Indigenous pedagogical approaches
  • visit Indigenous communities for field trips, events, and feasts
  • incorporate talking circles to facilitate communication (circle methodology)
  • respect and recognize rights for distinctive Indigenous customs, spirituality, traditions and practices
  • use Indigenous Principles of Learning such as experiential, and lifelong learning approaches
  • use the oral tradition, telling stories, with guest speakers such as Elders, Knowledge Keepers and community leaders
  • use Indigenous research methodologies
  • use Indigenous authored texts, articles and books
  • use Indigenous film
  • hire Indigenous instructors


Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training - Professional Learning Series

A learning series for public post-secondary staff to begin or supplement ways to Indigenize the institution and professional practice.