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RefWorks: Create APA Citations

How to create APA citations with RefWorks

RefWorks helps you easily create APA citations and import full Reference page citations.

After importing resources into RefWorks, easily export a full list of reference citation to your research assignment. 

Step 1: Select the resources you want to export. 

Step 2: Click on 'Create Bibliography'

*Note: the first time you create a bibliography in RefWorks, you will be prompted to select a citation style. Search for JIBC and select 'APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI https:// (JIBC). RefWorks will save this selection for future use. 

Step 3: Copy references to clipboard and paste into your assignment's word document.

Step 4: Double check the citations using the JIBC APA 7th ed. guide. 

Although RefWorks is more accurate than other automatic citation generators, it still makes mistakes. Always double check your citations for accuracy before submitting your assignment.